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About the Space

Since 2011, The Grassy Knoll Studio has provided professional production and recording services inclusive of audio post, audio for interactive media, and original music composition.

Using a mix of premium vintage and contemporary professional recording equipment, including an Otari MTR 100A 2” MultiTrack tape machine and the most common version of Protools HD,

The Grassy Knoll Studio provides a comfortable space for artists to engage, create and collaborate.

Gear List

  • MCI JH 636-36-GO/VU Series Console
  • Otari MTR100A 2″ 24 Track
  • Protools HD10/11
  • Avid HD&192 40-I/O
  • Apogee Rosetta AD
  • WaveLab 7
  • Waves Gold TDM v9++
  • AutoTune 7
  • Melodyne Studio
  • Mac Pro Dual 2.2GHz Quad-Core / 20 GB RAM
  • MacBook Pro 2GHz Quad-Core/ 16 GB RAM
  • Apple Cinema HD Display 23″
  • Samsung 22″ & 24″ LCD
  • Urei 813A (x2)
  • Genelec 1032c (x2)
  • Yamaha NS-10M (x2)
  • Advent  (x2)
  • KRK 10s
  • Custom 16Ch HeadPhone Cue Stations-6
  • Various Headphones incl AT50 & 40 series ,Fostex T-20 ,Vic Firth Iso,
  • Shure SE425 and SE215 earbuds
  • Korg DSS-1
  • Korg M3R
  • Kurzweil K-1200
  • Baldwin B242
  • Yamaha Absolute Maple shells 12, 14, 16, 24
  • 1st Gen Ayotte Maple Shells 10, 12, 13, 15, 22
  • Custom Dunnett titanium 6.5×14
  • 80’s Ayotte 7×14 13ply Maple snare
  • Gretsch 6.5×14 10 Ply New Classic Maple snare
  • Mapex 3.5×14 6 Ply Deluxe Maple snare
  • ’74 Premier 5×14 chrome/steel snare
  • Zildjian MasterSound
  • Zildjian A Custom
  • Sabian AAX Cymbals
  • DW Hardware
  • •Mic Pre’s•
  • AMS Neve 8801 x4
  • Neve 1084
  • ISA 430
  • UA LA-610
  • John Hardy MPC600 (4)
  • •Compressors•
  • Neve 32264(x2)
  • AMS Neve 8801 x4
  • Smart C2
  • Urei 1176 LN
  • Empirical Labs EL8X (x2 sp)
  • DBX 160XT (x2)
  • DBX 160A (x4)
  • DBX 162SL
  • •Gates•
  • DBX 1074
  • •FX/Reverbs•
  • Roland R880(w/remote)
  • Yamaha Rev7
  • Yamaha SPX 90II
  • Yamaha SPX 1000
  • ISP Decimator ProRack G
  • TC Electronics G-Major
  • Palmer PDI-03
  • •EQ’s•
  • Neve 1084
  • AMS Neve 8801 x4
  • ISA 430
  • Tascam PE40
  • Custom Telecaster
  • Custom Floyd Rose Strat
  • Fender Precision Bass
  • Gibson J45
  • Epiphone Acoustic Bass
  • * All Luthier work by Paul Iverson  at Iverson Guitar Works
  • Fender ’64 Vibroverb Custom
  • VOX AC-50
  • MESA Boogie BASS 400+
  • Bogner Uberschall 4×12
  • David Eden 2×10(x2)
  • Customized Leslie Cabinet
  • Urei 6500JBL 6630 (x2)
  • Studer A68 x(2)
  • •Neumann•
  • U87 Anniv Edition
  • KM 184 (x2 sp)
  • •Coles•
  • 4038 (x2 sp)
  • •Audio Technica•
  • 4050 (x2)
  • 4051
  • 4041 (x2 sp)
  • 3035
  • Pro25 (x2)
  • •Audix•
  • D2 (x2)
  • D3 (x2)
  • D4 (x2)
  • •AKG•
  • D112
  • C414 B-ULS
  • Blue
  • Hummingbird
  • •Shure•
  • SM7
  • Beta 52
  • SM57 (x6)
  • Beta 57a
  • 520DX
  • •Senheiser•
  • MD 409
  • MD421 (x5)
  • MD 441
  • •Electrovoice•
  • RE-20
  • •Yamaha•
  • SubKick
  •   RNDI
  •   Radial JD7
  •   Radial J48
  •   Radial Pro JDI (x2)
  •   Radial X-Amp
  •   Radial Bassbone
  •   Radial ABY
  •   Sansamp Para Driver Bass DI
  •   Sansamp GT2 Guitar DI
  •   Tube Vibe
  •   Kingsley Jester
  •   ZVex Box of Rock
  •   ZVex SuperHardOn
  •  K&M Mic Stands (x30)

All Equipment Maintained by Darin Sirovyak

Some of our Clients

  • Wide Mouth Mason

    Wide Mouth Mason

    2015 and 2011  WideMouthMason Pre-Production

  • Magnus Rising

    Magnus Rising

    Whatever It Takes

  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    Northern Lights

  • Johnny Seguin

    Johnny Seguin

    Johnny Seguin w/Ephram

  • HiKommand


    Joel N Jess

Dave Slote
Owner / Producer

Dave Slote was born in southern Ontario . A creative from the start, his musical upbringing included piano, woodwinds, and percussion. In his early teens he performed with the Dofasco pipe and drum band as a piper, but has since embraced the drums as his main instrument of choice.

Over the course of years of involvement with various bands and musical projects, Dave earned himself a reputation as the band member ‘who did the sound,’ and discovered his love for sound engineering.

Dave is the founder of the Hot Sole Alumni Association and also assisted Kevin Williams and Garth Richardson with developing the curriculum and the initial set-up of  Nimbus School of Recording Arts.

Compelled to “follow the dream”,He began construction of his full-suite private recording and production facility, The Grassy Knoll Studio.

Dave sought the services of award winning Acoustician Jeff Hedback of HD Acoustics, and in 2011 established his private record label L8R Records Inc.

In 2012, The Grassy Knoll Studio was named one of Mix Magazine’s Top 10 Studios of the Year.

In his free time, Dave is engaged in the local arts community and enjoys pursuing his musical education. A true purist, he is known for being ‘Mr. Analog;’ as he would say: “serve the song, serve the project,” and “don’t fix it in the mix, get it right from the start!”

What Some Clients Are Saying

"The Live room just sounds right.

No ear fatigue and i love the wood"

Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar & WideMouthMason

Gordie Johnson

The pure enjoyment of the art of creating music, vibe and trust. Which is overall imperative to the success of any artist.

This studio has it all. The mixture of analog and digital is incredible!   It makes the youth feel like they have the perfect place for pro-tools sessions easy and comfortable.-For the seasoned artists who still dream of the studio sessions of the past to gain the performance vibe, you need to look no further.

There is no one quite like Dave, his pure love for the work he does is outstanding.   Owner, Producer, Engineer, Tech and artist Mom if needed.

A true pleasure to work with, .Purely, Dave listens. His ears are a great piece of excellence.   I have tracked in projects in some of the highest rated studios in the US for many years.   The Grassy Knoll, with Dave at the helm. I would put it up against anything out there.

Randy Lebedow – Singer, Songwriter and Producer

CRYSIS, Bowie the Tribute, Blackout & Hysteria

Randy Lebedow

Dave has one foot in the " old school" and the other foot in the "new school."

Walking into the award winning Grassy Knoll Studio ,the control room is like walking into a 1980's time machine and the state of the art live room is contemporary yet comfortable.

Dave's extensive experience and skill allows me to bring in a young R&B/Dance artist followed by a seasoned progressive rock artist followed by an acoustic jazz quartet.

What impresses me most however ,is Daves obvious passion to serve my project and become part of my team without compromising professional standards. GrassyKnoll is my goto production place.

Johnny Seguin - Producer and Educator ,B.Mus & M.Mus in Sound Recording at McGill Univ.

Johnny Séguin

I am a music teacher at a special needs school and had been working with a group of students ...It was my good fortune to hear about Dave and The Grassy Knoll Studio.

Not only is he very welcoming to my students, but he also goes over and above on their recordings, working on them until they sounded as good as professional musicians.

When I decided to work on my own project.  We recorded with three very different bands in a span of 4 days.

Dave was tireless with the set ups, recordings, editing and mastering.

And I am more than pleased with his help and the results of the album.   Dave has wonderful gear , a great sounding room, and vast experience in music production/recording.

He is exceptional working with both new and seasoned musicians.

I would work with him again and again.

Steph Fournier

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